Lighting Consultancy

EG 85978 Designer Lights can make lighting your new home or renovation a breeze.

For a small Fee of $100 Per Floor and $50.00 for External and Landscape Lighting we can design a lighting Layout and schedule of lights for you complete with a full Quotation and Product Specifications. For a small Additional Fee we can also design the switching Layout and suggest powerpoint locations.

With over 10 years experience lighting up peoples homes we know the do's and dont's of a good lighting scheme and we will often come up with ideas that you may not have thought about yourself. The best part of our Lighting Consultancy Service is that when you purchase your lights from Designer Lights you will receive your consultancy fee back as a payment against your order. Please note rebate applies only when ordering all or most of the quoted lights.

If you have an existing Home that you wish to Update we can Help Too. Designer Lights also have an In Home Consultancy Service where we will visit your home and give Advise on new Lights to suit your style of Home and Decor and to correct any Lighting Problems that you Have.

If you are an out of towner you can send us your plans with any other relevant details and when complete we can post back to you along with your Quote and product specifications.

Its that easy.