How to set up the best DJ and Stage Lighting for any audience?

DJ Lights

Are you stunned over those magical disco nights and want to recreate and self- design a magical session? Well, exclusive and unparalleled DJ and Stage Lighting can be quite difficult if you don’t have a sound technical and creative background. So, if you aren’t a pro in DJ and Stage Lighting, here is how you should proceed about it. 

Different types of stage lighting

To make any show successful, you got to have a great DJ to grab instant attention of the crowd. A DJ can set the mood and tempo of a sulk room into a lively atmosphere. And, with that enigmatic musical session, a good lighting arrangement is like a cherry on the cake. 

DJ lighting can be roughly categorized into three types: 

  1. Wash Lighting

If you just need to cover a part of your stage, then, wash lighting are the best and are a within-budget option. You can simply decorate the path, the entrance, the main ramp of your stage or perhaps the tables with simple LED lighting to create some energy at the show. Wash lightings with LED panels outside a frosted glass DJ booth is widely used in DJ shows. 

  1. Effects Lighting

Effects lighting can rightly be called as the ‘dance floor type’ lighting. Here, lights are placed and pointed throughout the room and especially focussed on the dance floor and the area where the crowd will be the maximum. These are the most common types of lighting and the lights are arranged in such a way that there is a cool chase according to the beats of the music. You can use two types of lights here: chase lights and full-fledged controllable DMX lights with head fixtures. While setting up lights with head fixtures, make sure you plant DMX so that you can control the lighting tempo that perfectly matches your show and theme. You can also use theatrical fog and haze and use different beams of light to create an ultra- sensational atmosphere. 

  1. Uplighting

It’s the next level DJ-ing! Uplights bring a great vibe at the space. Uplightings are for professional set up and such an arrangement can bring an instant glam to your high- end show or party. Uplighting can be costly, unless you are doing it with the simple battery powered LEDs with fixtures. These lighting can light up backdrops, columns, walls and space. Uplightings look the best in static colours and in stand- alone modes. 

Things to keep in mind while setting up DJ or Stage Lighting

  • Make sure you draw a rough lighting plan before fixing your equipment. 
  • Use a basic tripod truss or truss arch with fixtures (up to the right weight) to give strength to your set up and to avoid mishaps. 
  • Use the DMX in and out as well as consoles to control the lighting effects. Hardware based controllers are difficult to use for novices; therefore, the easiest choice for beginners would be to use PC based controllers instead. 
  • You can also collaborate with a VJ who can intensify your mixing visually. 
  • Always remember the four essential picks of lighting: lanterns, colour, position and focus. 

Innovative theme ideas and lighting set ups for stage shows

Top basic things that you would require to set up that perfect DJ and stage lighting for your audience are: party lights, lighted speakers, fog machines, mirror balls, light bulbs, bubble machines, string lights and lantern lights. 

Some of the conventional and high end stage lighting instruments are: Ellipsoidal Reflector Spotlight, Fresnel, Parabolic Aluminized Reflector, Source Four PAR and Cyc light. Cyc lights are used to light up drapery that can mimic skies, shadows and other effects. 

However, setting up a theme of your performance is an absolute prerequisite for any show to be successful. Your theme could be inspirational, storyline based or projecting your vision or what you intend to showcase on the DJ/ Performance night. 

Trending and most popular stage lighting ideas

  • Strobe and Laser

Use a strobe, which is a pulsing white light beam, to create a stunning DJ effect. These are popular in dance clubs and can be easily programmed with custom patterns. Sound activated custom models create a great effect on the dance floor. Lasers can create high end display as well as sound activated effects that can be motorized with burst and 3D effects. Lasers are the most recent and amongst the most popular stage lighting idea that can give details to skyscrapers, backdrops, shadows and more. 

  • Flower and Centrepiece effect

While a centrepiece fixture lights up a centre of a lighting rig in a colourful pattern, the flower effect on the other hand are standalone and rotational fixtures that are simple to install and make a vibrant effect, especially for small venues. These effects can be controlled by adjusting parameters like gobo type, rotation and beam colour. 

  • Barrel Mirror

Rotating barrel mirrors are designed to create a continuous falling beam with patterned and mirror depiction on the floor that can be synchronized with the beats. 

  • Police Beacons

A raid- styled theme is quite popular amongst youngsters. Use police beacons, which are typically rotational and conical shaped lights to create a crime filled atmosphere. Police beams are best installed in the shades of red or blue. 

  • Mirror Balls

If you are up for a 70s inspired retro styled theme party for your next DJ night or stage show event, then mirror balls are an absolute essential. These silvery disco balls create rotating effects that sparkles and light up the floor and the surroundings. Unlike the conventional ones, these days, LED fixtures are instead used to create this effect with addition of some advancement like bi- directional movements and sound active modes. Whilst keeping the 70s inspired theme, don’t forget to tune in retro- styled or country theme music with arrangements of 70s inspired motion picture posters, rubrics, retro styled clothing and more. 

While setting up your stage, you must additionally install other equipment that will boost up the effects of your lighting arrangements. These include machines like the fog, haze, bubble and snow machine that actually gives your audience a feel of a 5D effect. Also, do remember that setting up your lights in combinations (wash and spot fixtures) would drastically enhance the look of your lighting arrangement and instantly lift up the mood of your audience.